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& it's not hunger; it's habit.

what a sad and beautiful existence, loving you.

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TOTALLY CANON thread with carlisle
Where: The Dungeons, not during any class time.
What: Extra classwork, of course! :O
When: Weekend, sometime.

Scuffling with a potion that was probably a little out of a Hogwarts student's league, Danny peered into his cauldron. Well, this wasn't right. It wasn't supposed to be avocado green. He bit his lower lip in concentration, trying to work it out.

He'd done the blood bit right, for sure...

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Carlisle was cool with the kissing. He was also cool with not having a clue what was going through Danny's mind. Danny, after all, was a tiny bit too logical for his taste as the moment. His drunken taste. He slid an arm around the bloke's waist, tugging him in as Carlisle moved to deepen the kiss a bit.

Never very good at saying no when pressed, Danny gave up. He nipped at Carlisle's lip, letting the blond pull him closer. He could always apologize to Remy by having really, really hot sex later, right? And in any case, maybe this was what Danny needed to get over his psychiatrist-caused fear of kissing men. He slid a hand up under Carlisle's shirt, never mind the fact that his fingers were cold.

Preferably without informing Remy of what had happened, simply because Carlisle wasn't in the mood to have this kind of thing spread all over the place. At least he was drunk, though, and had a good excuse? Oh, merlin, COLD! Despite the fact that the bloke's fingers were chilly, however, Carlisle didn't really pull away from them. They'd warm up soon enough, right? Right.

Perhaps surprisingly, Danny was very good at all things sex related, including kissing. Maybe it was due to practice, maybe it was due to something else... you never knew, and he wasn't telling either way.

Perhaps it would've been surprising had Carlisle been sober, but at the moment he wasn't about to question ANYONE's talent for snogging. He was simply going to enjoy the snogging, thanks. Mmm, snogging.

Danny found that since he was enjoying himself, maybe his psychiatrist had been completely wrong about that whole boys thing. The one where he wasn't supposed to kiss them.

Carlisle probably would have thought that was a very wise decision to make (or perhaps very dumb) but he was too busy snogging and being drunk to go out and learn Legilimens to read the bloke's mind. SO, he simply continued to snog the hell out of him, getting RATHER into it...

What with the whole on his way to a boner thing. Woo, snogging.

AAAAAAAHHHHHHH! Was that -- was that -- was that -- A BONER?!

If Danny wouldn't have been so busy snogging Carlisle, he would have chortled with glee. O, Carlisle was so gay. Soooo closetedly gay. He pushed a little closer to the (unnatural!) blond, pressing their hips together. Hey, he would take advantage of it, right?

Carlisle... was totally okay with their hips being pressed together. Okay enough, for sure, to rub up against the other bloke. One handed threaded into the bloke's hair, breaking off from the snog and instead moving down to suck the skin of his neck lightly. Mmm, snogging. Snogging was a brilliant, brilliant creation. Particularly when it led to other things, too.

Carlisle was so gay it almost HURT! Gay as a maypole! Of course, Danny had been known to sleep with lots more boys than girls in his past, but he at least admitted it, right? His hand slid down to grip roughly at Carlisle's hip.

And now with the kissing of the neck. It was a weakness for Danny, the kissing of the neck. It always got him, every time. Pretty much like clockwork! And so he tilted his head and made a soft noise that obviously meant he appreciated it -- a LOT.

Carlisle deeefinitely noticed the noise, which of course meant he continued on what he was doing a little more enthusiastically. Drawing away after a little bit, he nibbled on the bloke's earlobe, sucking lightly.

And yes, Carlisle was a bit on the side of gay. Mostly straight, but certain incidents of the past simply did NOT make it seem like he was completely straight. Putting your hand down another bloke's trousers, after all, tended to indicate a less than straight quality in you.

Jerking his ear away, Danny growled. He didn't like having his ears faffed about with, which seemed odd since most people very much enjoyed it. It tended, however, to gross him out, which effectively ruined the mood.

He decided to go for Carlisle's neck, because after all, turnabout is fair play. So, he ground their hips together a bit more and went for it.

Fine, fine. NO EAR NIBBLING. Eesh. Oh, oh. Carlisle could go for Danny paying HIS neck some attention, though, and promptly tilted his head to give the bloke better access. As much access, really, as he could possibly want. His hand slid under the fabric of Danny's shirt, sliding upwards against his skin.

Ahh, better access. Well that made everything much easier. Danny nipped along Carlisle's neck, heading for his jaw. Wasn't Carlisle good for having fun? Yes, yes he was.

Danny's skin was ridged with scar tissue, something Carlisle would not have known since they'd never been roommates. He shrank a little bit from the blond's hand, self-concious even when snogging.

Carlisle was a little too drunk to really be thinking about the odd feeling of the bloke's skin. His drunk mind simply wasn't processing it. However, he DID notice that Danny was moving AWAY from his hand. So... he moved it down the other way, to the front of Danny's trousers. Admittedly, this would not have been his next move had he been sober. His next move would, of course, to wonder whether Danny was not into doing anything more than a bit of snogging. But, you know, he wasn't sober.

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