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TOTALLY CANON thread with carlisle
Where: The Dungeons, not during any class time.
What: Extra classwork, of course! :O
When: Weekend, sometime.

Scuffling with a potion that was probably a little out of a Hogwarts student's league, Danny peered into his cauldron. Well, this wasn't right. It wasn't supposed to be avocado green. He bit his lower lip in concentration, trying to work it out.

He'd done the blood bit right, for sure...

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Please. As if Carlisle remembered that sort of thing. MOST people were rather friendly when drunk (Carlisle included) and he generally didn't try to keep track of which ones were more friendly than others. It just wasn't something worth the brain effort, really. "So? Worst that can happen is you cause an explosion and one of us loses a limb," Carlisle joked, grinning down at Danny.

"That's not the worst that could happen," Danny muttered, dropping something else into his cauldron.

Carlisle barely caught Danny's words, but catch them he did. "What else could happen?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. Seriously, what was worse than losing a limb to a potion? Actually death was unlikely... although, entirely possible. Just unlikely.

Flushing, Danny thought back to that one time which he'd never discussed with Carlisle whereupon he'd gotten quite drunk and they'd sort of.. maybe.. well, definitely..

Um! Anyway! He stirred his potion furiously.

Apparently, Carlisle wasn't going to get an answer to his question. Interesting. He took another swig from his flask, rather enjoying the burning taste of firewhiskey. Good stuff, really.

"What're you making?"

Danny shrugged. "Just, you know. Just some stuff. It's probably not interesting to you anyways..." It was another medical potion from one of his da's old books -- Danny had forgotten in his fluster that Carlisle DID like potions and could possibly be interested. Presently he was trying to figure out how to run away.

"You're right," Carlisle replied, sarcastically, "I don't find potions interesting at all." Not that he openly admitted it much, but there were certain people who had definitely picked up on his fondness for the subject over the years. He leaned over, ruffling Danny's hair.

"Ah! I'm sorry!" Danny jumped when Carlisle ruffled his hair -- he hadn't been expecting it. "I was thinking about it, instead of who I was talking to. It's a medical potion, I got it out of an old book of my dad's. It's on the table if you want to have a look..."

The potion was a remedy for some obscure spell-caused ailment, labelled to be used ONLY with strict supervision.

Carlisle (who was, you know, on the table) leaned over in an awkward angle sort of way to glance over the Potion instructions. Hmm, interesting. He was more interested in getting drunk at the moment, though. It was really a good thing he'd locked the door on his way in, as he didn't want to get up and go lock it now.

He should've gotten a girl to get drunk with him. Or maybe Jamie. Someone who'd go for a drunken snog and all that. "You sure you don't want any?" Carlisle asked, dangling the flask in front of Danny.

"What is this, get Danny drunk day?" The Ravenclaw rolled his eyes. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure I don't want any. What did you lace it with? And don't say nothing, I won't believe you."

"Why would I lace it with anything?" Carlisle asked, a little confused, leaning forward to rest his elbows on his knees. It made no sense to him, really.

"Because you," Danny motioned, "are a miscreant."

"It's firewhiskey. Isn't that enough of a drug all on it's own?" Carlisle asked, blinkingly, as he took another swig from the drink. Really, what else could he do to it? A date rape drug or something?

"Fine! God, you're insufferable!" Danny grabbed the flask from Carlisle, taking a good and long drink. There. That should shut him up.

Carlisle laughed at the insufferable comment. If he was so insufferable, what the hell was Danny doing being friends with him? That made no sense, honestly, and even less sense now that he had a bit of a buzz going. "You love me," Carlisle replied, grinning.

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