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& it's not hunger; it's habit.

what a sad and beautiful existence, loving you.

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TOTALLY CANON thread with carlisle
Where: The Dungeons, not during any class time.
What: Extra classwork, of course! :O
When: Weekend, sometime.

Scuffling with a potion that was probably a little out of a Hogwarts student's league, Danny peered into his cauldron. Well, this wasn't right. It wasn't supposed to be avocado green. He bit his lower lip in concentration, trying to work it out.

He'd done the blood bit right, for sure...

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Carlisle slipped into the classroom. He was unsurprised to find Danny standing in their. Very unsurprised. He moved further into the room, coming up to peer into the cauldron. "Hey," he greeted, with a grin. "You want to join me for some drinking?"

"Drinking what?" Danny asked, not bothering to look up.

"Firewhiskey." Carlisle hopped up onto a desk, letting his legs swing a little bit as he looked over at Danny. Firewhiskey was a great sort of alcohol to drink. It was... the kind that got you drunk. Quickly, too.

Ah. Right. Danny better not do that, then. The Ravenclaw shook his head. "No, I'd better not. You can sit here and get sloshed if you want though, I don't mind."

Lame. Still, it would take too much effort to go elsewhere to drink and this sort of counted as drinking with someone. Well, not really, but in his book it did. "Not in a drinking mood?" Carlisle asked, eyebrow raised, as he removed a flask from his pocket and took a swig from it. Carlisle was frequently in the mood to drink.

"Well, um." Danny had this history of being really... friendly... when he was drunk. And he was sure Carlisle knew that. "I'm kind of working on something, you know?" He looked up and grinned, shrugging.

Carlisle laughed. "I'm all natural," he replied, running a hand through his hair with an amused look. "And I'm not exactly burning a flame of passion for anyone these days." Lust, yeah, passion, though, seemed like it was on a different level...

"You're just trying to get me to snog you." CLEARLY, this made nice, logical sense in Carlisle's head.

"No, you're not," Danny said, as if he somehow knew this perfectly well, even though there wasn't any real reason he would know.. or was there? "You colour it blond, just like I used to dye my red black, only I did it with potions and you're using magic, which makes it look more seamlessly real." He shrugged.

"You're just trying to get me to snog you."

"YOU'RE trying to get ME to snog YOU, you mean."

"If I was trying to get you to snog me, we'd already be snogging," Carlisle replied, choosing to ignore Danny's dig at his hair. It was perfectly natural, thanks... He frowned a little, before running a hand through his hair again. All natural, damn it!

"I only snog natural blonds," Danny said, adding something else to his potion and stirring with a smirk.


Carlisle was a natural blonde! Clearly, the best way to prove it was to snog Danny. Once Danny returned the snog, he could inform him that clearly, this meant he was a natural blonde. Yes, Carlisle might have gotten a teensy bit drunken a teensy bit quicker than usual. He hopped off the table, sliding between Danny and his potion and kissing him quite firmly on the lips. Time to prove it!

"Hey!! What're you--" Well, obviously. Carlisle was clearly kissing him. On the mouth. With, shall we say... reckless abandon? Danny, after a second or so, pushed Carlisle away from him, but obviously not until after he'd already responded at least a little.

And he did "that" very well! Of course, it would be nice if he could make Carlisle do it, because that would prove the blond's gayness, but Danny wasn't sure about that. What if Carlisle bit him??

Carlisle wasn't going to blow Danny, thanks. It just wouldn't be going down like that. He might be good with the whole handjob thing at the moment, but he was in no way inclined to put one of those in his MOUTH.

Oh, but he would be. One of these days, he SO would be.

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