& it's not hunger; it's habit.

what a sad and beautiful existence, loving you.

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TOTALLY CANON thread with carlisle
Where: The Dungeons, not during any class time.
What: Extra classwork, of course! :O
When: Weekend, sometime.

Scuffling with a potion that was probably a little out of a Hogwarts student's league, Danny peered into his cauldron. Well, this wasn't right. It wasn't supposed to be avocado green. He bit his lower lip in concentration, trying to work it out.

He'd done the blood bit right, for sure...

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Carlisle wasn't going to blow Danny, thanks. It just wouldn't be going down like that. He might be good with the whole handjob thing at the moment, but he was in no way inclined to put one of those in his MOUTH.

Oh, but he would be. One of these days, he SO would be.

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