& it's not hunger; it's habit.

what a sad and beautiful existence, loving you.

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DO IT!!!
redhead danny
Ask Danny any question you would like him to answer. I will answer in character.

Now, this is supposed to be YOU, not your character, asking questions. Make them good!

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How do you justify dating a muggleborn, when your a pureblood elitist who hates muggles? Don't you think its hypocritical to look down on purebloods who date halfbloods and muggle-borns when you do it yourself?

I don't think I'm hypocritical, I think you're deluded. (:

who does danny like and hate (friends and enemies sort of thing)?

I like Remy fairly well. ;)
I like Amaury okay. I like Caer. I like Bri.


I don't like Zak Reso. I don't like Denys.

Everyone else I am ambivalent towards.

If you could be any animal just to expereince the mating ritual of that species, what would it be?

I suppose there is something to be said for longevity.

Do you prefer Hogwarts to home? And if you weren't dating Remy, is there anyone else you'd consider for such a thing?


No; I hate it here almost as much as I hate it at home. And no. Tristan du Lac is dead, so... no. Maybe, maybe Draven Osbourne, but that's a little far-fetched, don't you think?

Did you know Gillian Ashworth is planning bake an army of gingerbread skaters molded in your image?

What Gillian Ashworth does is really none of my business, but I bet they're some sickly skater.

What's your favourite scent, and is there a memory linked to it?

well, I can tell you what my least favourite scent is. I despise walking by bakeries in the morning -- I used to have a fantasy of stepping into a bakery and eating as much of anything I wanted, until once I tried that and became horribly ill. Ever since then, bakeries make me sick.

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