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NP Timeline -- new version
redhead danny
Comment to play with it!!!!!oneone.

- Danny meets Tristan as a small child at Christmas parties, also meets Caer, Aislin and multiple other pureblooded children.
- Becomes good friends with Caer as their parents are friends.
- Danny is diagnosed with anorexia nervosa at age eight.
- Danny goes to in patient treatment for the first time at age ten.

First Year
- Meets Bri on the Express.
- Meets dormmates, but keeps mainly to himself.
- Meets and is Potions partners with Maggie.

Second Year
- Goes to an IP facility over the Christmas hols.

Third Year
- Dates Tristan du Lac for about 6 months. Breaks it off with him when he realises that he...
- Starts crushing like mad on Remy Cowan.
- Is crushed on by Bri.

Fourth Year
- Danny starts the term already quite sick; has several instances of collapsing at random, has a heart attack and goes into cardiac arrest. Is, thankfully, not dead due to wizarding medicine. Parents remove him from school on "Medical Leave"; details of the situation are not handed out to anyone, including Danny's friends.
- Spends most of this time at random treatment centres and makes odd assortment of Muggle contacts.

Fifth Year (Fourth Year Repeat)
- Returns but unfortunately has to repeat the fourth year
- One month in is pulled again to return to inpatient; same headlining as before.
- Tristan dies during this time.
- Returns again in November.
- Is no longer crushed on by Bri.
- Fights with Zak Reso, decides he cannot under any circumstances like the boy.
- Starts dating Remy Cowan, is surprised when it actually... works out?
- Meets and is extremely weirded out by Denys.
- Starts taking extra Astronomy lessons with Professor Sylvester.
- Starts working overtime on Potions with Caer.

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Would have met Aislin at the parties. We did backstory once, and it was vague. Can't be bothered finding it again, so meh.

*cough* Bri should be in there still/again.. met on the train? I think before we had them sitting near each other in Potions and bonding over their mutual love for it. And I think their families would have been in the same social circles, too. Plus there's that whole thing where she had a huge crush on him from about 3rd year to early 5th year ;)

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